Driven by a pursuit of elegance and comfort, Trevony set out to redefine the concept of wallets. The Intimo Bill Clip wallet emerged, sleekly designed to hold bills discreetly without compromising style. Its minimalist charm and efficient mechanism reflect his dedication to perfection and refined taste.

The canvas, a testament to artistry and elegance, boasts the mesmerizing Intimo design, destined to embrace transformation. Herein lies the secret; a logo, imprinted with precision, but designed to fade gracefully with each passing day. The motive, noble in its subtlety, is to let time and touch weave their magic. Slowly, this wallet sheds its emblem, leaving behind a canvas pristine, a symbol of individuality.

As the logo vanishes from the leather, a new story is born – one that mirrors the unique journey of its owner. The Intimo Bill Clip Wallet becomes an intimate reflection, an embodiment of personal transformation. In this eloquent dance of time and leather, a masterpiece is born.


The Intimo Bill Clip Wallet is the epitome of luxury and practicality. Made from the finest lambskin leather, its exterior is soft to the touch and boasts a sophisticated look. The Intimo Bill Clip Wallet, made from gleaming gold-plated solid brass, keeps your cash secure and easily accessible. The interior of the wallet is thoughtfully designed with credit card slots that provide ample space for all your essentials. Whether you're heading to a meeting or simply running errands, the Intimo Bill Clip Wallet is the perfect accessory to keep you organized and stylish. Dimensions: 11.5cm L x 0.5cm W x 8cm H. Made in Italy.