In the heart of an artist's atelier, a love story bloomed, inspiring the birth of the Minerva handbag. Named after the goddess Minerva, it was a tribute to his beloved, whose essence embodied grace, wisdom, and timeless elegance.

As Trevony poured his heart into every detail, the Minerva handbag became more than a mere accessory. It became an emblem of their love, a testament to the profound connection that they shared. Each compartment, meticulously designed, was a reflection of the depths of his understanding of her needs and desires, symbolizing the care and attention lavished upon her.

Immerse yourself in the enchanting tale of the Minerva handbag, a story of love, artistry, and the eternal allure of luxury. Discover the essence of the goddess within, for in each handcrafted detail lies the heartbeat of a profound connection, a love story that transcends time.


The Small Minerva, a compact and elegant companion for your every journey. This smaller version of the iconic Minerva handbag embodies all the luxurious features of its larger counterpart, but in a more compact form. Crafted from the finest lambskin, the interior is smooth and soft, providing a cozy home for your essentials. The exterior boasts the luxurious lambskin leather, scratch-proof and resilient, a symbol of timeless beauty. Carry the Small Minerva with ease thanks to its detachable crossbody chain, versatile and practical. Adorned with gold-plated solid brass hardware and a functional logo that opens with a simple shift, this handbag radiates sophistication. Despite its compact size, it still offers ample storage, making it the perfect accessory for a busy lifestyle. Dimensions: 19.5cm x 13.5cm x 9cm, 55cm crossbody chain drop. Elevate your style with the Small Minerva. Made in Italy.